Sunday, 7 August 2011

The visit.

My daughter drove up the almost 500 miles from Bracknell in Berkshire on her own with the 3 children. Husband was far too busy with his lorry to take holidays.
I haven't seen these grandchildren for a whole year and how they had grown up! Little Megan, now 2 1/2 now chatters away non stop in an English accent and tears about, copying everything her older brother and sister do.
After a very busy week here they left this morning at 7.45 for the long drive home.
The photos were taken on the day they arrived.

Most children seem to love horses (and foals).

Little Megan offers her bunch of roadside grass and clover in an attempt to lure the ponies to the dykeside.

Jamie (7) and "Flora".

Charley (4)

Megan (2) enjoys climbing on the frame in the park.