Friday, 30 April 2010

Look Out!

You just never know who is behind the next tree stump.
(spotted on Kinnoull Hill, Perth)
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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Today's walk up the Glen.

The pups and Spencer set off.

The fields on the Law are looking much greener now. Spring has truly arrived!

Sometimes the path runs alongside the burn

and sometimes we are high above it.
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The burn water tastes good.

Spencer doesn't like to get his feet wet!

Maisie on the stairs.

Time for home.
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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

10 bob or 50p

Prior to decimalisation in 1971 in UK we were used to paper notes but that all changed with the decimalisation of our currency and now we have (if we're lucky!) a heavy purseful of coins, which, on the plus side, do not wear away or become torn.
While rummaging in a drawer this morning I came across a wallet with four 10 shilling notes and for the benefit of younger viewers, as they say on the telly, it was written "10/-". I used to think 10/- was a lot of money. 50p is the equivalent nowadays and what will it buy?..................not much!
I remember being given a ten shilling note to take to school with me to buy a loaf of bread, as we'd, unusually, run out at home and the baker's van was not due for a few days. Mother didn't drive and she'd never ask father to do any shopping for household stuff. That's just how it was then.
Anyway, I had this note with me on my way to school in Perth and I intended buying the bread on the way back before I boarded the train for home. When I got into the shop I discovered I'd lost the money. I came out in a sweat! What would my mother say when I told her there was no change and no bread as I'd lost the cash? Could I run away to London or catch a plane to the Arctic or, may be better as it's warmer, Australia, she'd never find me there! I retraced my steps back up the pavement as I remembered going into another shop with my friend in the morning and buying a comic. To my great relief someone had handed the newsagent the ten shilling note I'd dropped on the floor. My faith in human nature was restored and I would never worry about anything ever again! Nothing could be any worse than losing 10/-!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Prize.

Maisie and her rosette after winning Best Pup in Match at our Ringcraft class last week.

Let me have a closer look!

It looks good enough to eat!
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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Close Encounter With A Big Cat!

It happened today in broad daylight as I was returning home from a walk with four of the dogs. Mo spotted it just inside a garden gateway and, doing what dogs do with cats, he made to chase it but was restrained by his lead. Before I could say "Jack Robinson" it was at him and the other three dogs joined in the fray. No, it wasn't one of those "big cats", just a very tall, extremely long legged, striped, large, domestic tabby, only it didn't seem too domesticated. It set about my bunch in a very frenzied way, front legs flashing out and clawing and as I pulled them homeward it came after us with war on its mind. I tried shouting at it but to no avail, it still pursued us. To say I was mindful of our safety, my own included , would be an understatement. Luckily it gave up as we neared our house.
Tass was the only real casualty--it had clawed her nose.
From now on............Beware of Large Cats!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Junior Handling (age 6-11years) at Perth Show.

I've been having problems trying to post photos yesterday. First they appeared then they vanished for good so I'm having another go.

There was a fairly big class as this was a qualifying heat for the Junior Handling Finals to be held later in the year at Richmond Championship show, so competition was fierce.. As usual the abilities varied from almost complete beginner to real little "professional". Some of the latter could show us older exhibitors a thing or two about how to handle and show our dogs!
Sometimes we see a very small person trying to handle a large breed of dog which would much rather be at the ringside with "mum" and usually succeeds!

The first dog was heaved up on to the table.

The next part of the line waited did the last part various poses.

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This young handler earnestly answers the judge's questions.

Is the lead attached to the proper end?


Mission accomplished ....and yes, it was attached to the head end!

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Extinct Volcano Starts to Rumble?

An Edinburgh resident, last week, routinely switched on her TV one morning while preparing for work and heard that Edinburgh Airport had been closed due to volcanic dust. "Oh My God.........not Arthur's Seat!!!"..she thought.
It hasn't erupted in a very, very, very long time.................but then this unpronouncable volcano in Iceland has lain dormant for 200 years!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Recent Successes

Four of my dogs have reached the final stages of recent shows.

Little Maisie was Best Toy Puppy at Ross & Cromarty, where, also, Swallow was Best Toy,(judge Mrs Jan Rual) and old Spencer was Best Vintage in Show, (judge Mr Gordon Rual).

At Perth Open Show yesterday Maisie was again Best Toy Puppy and Mo this time was Best Toy. Judge was Mr M House for Breed classes and Mr R Sansom for the Group. As it was the 125th anniversary show there were beautiful crystal glasses presented to all the Group winners along with their rosette.

Maisie at Ross & Cromarty show, aged 6 months.

Photo by Sue Gray (Gennasus)

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Swallow, recently, in the back yard.

Spencer, aged 12 years 5 months, in the back yard.

Mo, 3 years, with his prize and rosette from Perth show.

A closer look at the heavy lead crystal glass.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Brasso-ed Off

I was quite happy when I set off on my shopping mission but ended up feeling like something out of the ark..(maybe I am but I don't like to think it!)
All I was looking for was a tin of know, the stuff you use to clean your brass ornaments. I have quite a few, most having come to me after the death of my mother who used to clean the brass once a month. This fell into abeyance once they came to live with me as I am not an avid polisher or cleaner. This morning, on a rare dusting spree, I noticed all the brass was looking just a tiny bit sad and feeling unusually energetic I set about collecting dusters and .........darn it, the Brasso was finished. As the village shop was shut I drove to the neighbouring village/small town. The little supermarket had none on the shelf. I asked the lady behind the till if they stocked it. "Oh, no, nothing like that," she said,raising her eyebrows and sucking in a sharp breath. What had I asked for...heroin??? I then tried two small general stores then the chemist, all to no avail, but, the chemist' s assistant told me to try the "Wee Bakery"!!
And that is where I found it............Well, blow me!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Small Fry!

At a recent show we met up with this little dog. I suppose it is what some people call a "teacup papillon". Obviously something has gone wrong in its creation as the rest of the litter were normal sized, as indeed he/she was when born, but just failed to grow on.

Pretty, petite face.

I need a thick jumper for the chillier days!

In the huff?

Come along, Tich!

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Monday, 12 April 2010

My World--Loch Leven in Kinross-shire, Scotland.

This is Loch Leven, with Bishop Hill in the background, and is the biggest shallow water loch in Lowland Scotland and was famed for its fishing with major international fishing competitions being held here. Loch Leven pink fleshed trout were world famous. Sadly, the fishing declined when the fish stock was depleted by algal bloom,caused by too much phosphorus being washed into the water from the surrounding area. Much has been done to improve the quality of the water and fish stocks have improved.

A swan investigating "his world"!

A pair of geese.

The green algal bloom in evidence today as it has been warm over the weekend and this has the effect of multiplying the algae.
For other photos and stories from around the world look here.
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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ne'er Cast A Cloot...

More signs of Spring in the garden and, at long last, today the local temperature has crept up to double figures (just). It felt so warm that I cast the vest aside for the season! Mind you I'm still not convinced that this warmer weather is here to stay, as my mother used to say, "We won't get warm weather till after the Links Market." This is a huge funfair which is held on the Promenade at Kirkcaldy in Fife, somewhere round about the third week in April and when I think back to my childhood and the annual pilgrimage there, we were always well wrapped up as the biting easterly winds were usually much in evidence. This is the major gathering of the funfair travelling people before they all go their separate ways for the summer season. I well remember having to trail my little brother with me when I went and was allowed some time, with my friend and my older brother, on our own. What did little brother do straight off?....He won a tiny goldfish in a small polythene bag with a carrying string which had to be carted around on all the rides, twirled around on the waltzer and down the helter skelter.........poor little thing (the goldfish) must have been terrified out of its wits!
We also loved the boxing booths where we watched these old looking punch drunk boxers with their cauliflower ears and swollen faces staggering around and we also loved to listen to the incessant chat of the barrowboys selling their wares from the back of their vans, holding the china cups up to the light bulb to let you see how fine it was. I was always a bit mystified by that. I still have a few saucers left from one such teaset which my father bought there.
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