Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Views From The Surgery Car Park.

This morning we had occasion to visit the doctor's surgery in the neighbouring village of Newburgh. On Sunday morning Chic had tripped when he got out of bed and fell striking his shoulder on a plastic box containing dog show catalogues and smashing the box to smithereens in the process. A day later the bruising appeared and he couldn't lift his arm but still would not go to see a doctor. I gave him very little sympathy until today when he asked if I would drive him to the surgery(his chest now being fetching shades of purple, lilac, green and yellow)....nothing broken, they could do nothing but give him painkillers.

I happened to have my camera in the car and, as I waited, took the following photos from the surgery car park on a beautiful sunny, warm morning.

Looking north over the steep banking towards the River Tay.

A closer view of the reed beds on the island in the river.

Looking south up out of the car park towards the main street. The village is built on a steep hill with the main road running along it.

This wood pigeon sees these views every day.
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Monday, 28 June 2010

Showing at Blackpool in the sun.

This day turned VERY hot after a slow start, although the photographs show clouds and a breeze, thankfully, picked up through the afternoon.

I had taken Maisie, Roley and Swallow and I was also handling Emma for my friend, Carole. We were fairly successful with all dogs being placed. Maisie won her class then ended up best bitch pup but was unfortunate enough to come against the winning dog pup, who had won the Dog Challenge Certificate, and he came out the winner, Best Pup in Breed. Roley came 3rd in his puppy class and so has qualified for Crufts 2011, while Swallow was 4th in Limit Bitch and Emma 5th in Open Bitch.

Some sat in the sun (and burned!) at the end of judging.

I bought a straw hat--"It'll be better when it's finished", someone said!

It had already blown off in a gust of wind and I had lost my newly acquired Mr Whippy trying to grab it. However the ice cream wasn't wasted. Several dogs cleaned it up quickly.

These big brollies made good sunshades.

Many of us coach folk retired to the shade of the huge open-sided marquee to await departure time.

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The cages with their fans are stacked and secured, ready for the journey home in the coach.

This little papillon is enjoying the through draught from the open roof vents.

The sun was setting as we neared the end of the journey at the Forth Road bridge about 9.30pm.

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blackpool Championship Show-June 2010

The Dog Challenge--part 1 and judge Mrs. Irene MacManus.

The Dog Challenge--part 2.

The Dog Challenge--part 3.

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1st in Puppy Dog and Dog C. C.- Northlyte Timeless Dream (Anderson & O'Kane)

A delighted Karen O'Kane with her homebred pup just after he had won the Dog C.C.

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Junior Dog

1st-Burghbridge Black Shadow (Bartram)

2nd-Sunshoo Imacherokee (Roe)

Yearling Dog

1st-Bonmeshay's Get Carter (Fraser & Graham)

2nd-Flutterbye Mystic Pixie (Bishop)

Post Graduate Dog

1st-Jhanakia Iceman (Thompson & Austin)

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2nd-Bosspaps Krumm Gromble vom Basilbrooke (Green)

Limit Dog

1st-Adnamashan Time After Time (Skelton)

2nd-Jhanakia Highland Destiny (Thompson & Austin)

Striding out to win Open Dog and then RDCC is

Calajoy Robbie McFluff (Joyce)

..and 2nd is

Adnamashan One In A Million (Skelton)

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Limit Bitch

1st- Gleniren Tres Mannefico (Robb)

who also won BCC then Best of Breed.

2nd in Limit and RBCC was

Caraideas Game Reflection (Hill)

Post Graduate Bitch

1st--PapplewickPrimrose at Kirkchase (Kirk)

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st-Rosenjohn Harrietiggiewinkle (Hobson)

There are very few photos of the bitch winners as I was handling in several of the classes.

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dog Shows by Coach--The Luggage!

"Do you really need all that stuff for 2/3 wee dogs?"

That's the question I'm asked by Chic every time I load up the car for the journey to board the coach for a championship show.

The simple answer is, "Yes." Most of it will be used and the rest I might use! What you see in the photo is not quite the complete amount. Still to be added are the two pups and another crate with Swallow.

The lot comprises, the crates with dogs, a bag with rain/wind crate covers, fans in case it is hot, the trolley with its bungees, my chair for the ringside, the little chewed wooden grooming table, the red rucksack with dog grooming brushes (various), combs, a bottle of no-rinse shampoo in case of accidents, waterproofs and a wee pair of thin, green, rubber wellies for me in case of rain, towels, a kitchen roll, poo bags by the score and various leads. Then there is my bag with show clothes, extra shoes (sandals, in case of heat!) toiletries and a food(for me)bag with the big flask of coffee as well as the big pink sack with my pillow and sleeping bag for the overnight coach journey. Also in among that lot is a bottle of water and some food for the dogs and ,lastly, a heat reflective cover for the crates in case the promised heatwave materialises and my winter anorak in case of another freezing day like we had at Border Union show at Kelso last week. Anything is possible in Britain!
I forgot to mention my camera and shoulder bag.
We're off to the Black[pool show in an hour or two so I'm off for a shower now.
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

From Pond to Screen!

Our back door is actually on the gable end of the house and subsequently, when the dogs are going outside to the back garden they can see passers-by. Due to the fact that there is a path down into the "den" at the end of our little cul-de-sac and there is a burn running down it we have quite a few passers-by, be it small boys going to catch minnows or dog walkers. My dogs, despite many warnings, are pretty vocal when they see strangers near the house so we had a screen (actually it was an old, scruffy door well hidden from view by a large shrub) may have seen it in some of the photos. Today I decided that it ought to be replaced by something more pleasing to the eye. We visited the local garden centre, not knowing what to look for, but came away with several metres of pond lining. It is very tough, flexible and opaque and seemed just right for our purpose as we could fix it over the wire grid which is already in place. To fix it to the grid we required some crocodile clamps and these proved harder to find. I had some old ones, well chewed by this time, bought at a dog show, but now required quite a few smallish ones to complete the new screen. We visited two of those huge warehouse type stores but all we were able to buy were four (with the promise of more to come!)
Divorce proceeding were nearly started at the cutting and fitting stage. Why do men always assume they know best when it comes to outside jobs?!!!..and things were made no easier by seven little dogs padding over and tugging at the material.
However, now they cannot see to the street nor to next door so I'm hoping for less yapping.
It should be a while before they manage to chew a hole in it.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Heat Is On!

This is what a day of sun and temperatures reaching 19 degrees celsius ("that high?" do I hear you say?!!!) does to the dogs. Mind you, it feels a lot warmer in the shelter of our back garden....this is very warm to us, especially after an arctic day like Saturday.

Mo hides by the feed bin.

Swallow hides under my sun lounger.

..while Tass just stretches out and pants.
Long may it continue!
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Border Union Champ. Show.

An almost deserted showfield at the end of the breed judging on Saturday at Kelso, in the Borders, on what must have been one of the coldest days I can remember at an outside show. Ironically, things improved just then and it ended up the most beautiful evening. It was so cold I hadn't even taken my camera out of my rucksack until after the judging. Almost every exhibitor ended up with a red face!...not embarrassment, but wind-burn!

This photo of Swallow was taken by Sue Gray (Gennasus).

My lot of Swallow, Roley and Maisie were all placed by judge, Glenn Robb (Gleniren) but we had no "firsts". Swallow was 2nd in the Open Bitch class, Roley was 4th in Minor Puppy Dog and Maisie was 3rd in Puppy Bitch.

This is Libby, litter sister to Roley and Maisie, and she also came 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch Class. She is now owned by her co-breeder, Carole Paul (Meerwings).
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Alternative Uses.

During ironing, the other night, I came across two gent's handkerchiefs, which is unusual in itself these days, as we, in this house, seem to favour pieces of kitchen roll, but we had been to a funeral and, to show a bit of respect, I had suggested my husband put a proper handkerchief in his jacket pocket. Now I was ironing a coloured one and a "white" one, or more accurately, used to be white. Now it had dark grey blotches and streaks , no doubt having been used at some time, to clean a spark plug! This reminded me of another occasion many years ago, also an impending funeral, when we could not find the black tie. Then we had been used on the journey home, quite late at night from my grandad's funeral, several months previously. The car started to overheat as we were climbing the infamous A9 road between Perth and Inverness. The fan belt had broken. We were in the middle of nowhere with no garages open (it WAS after 5.30pm and this is Scotland!) and we had no breakdown cover. However, ever resourceful, off came Chic's black tie and replaced the belt. We got home under our own steam.
I suppose this could illustrate the reputation the Scots have for stingyness...never spend a penny unless you are sure you really have to, usually there is a cheaper alternative!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Little Roley has not been shown as often as his litter sister, Maisie, as he has been slightly immature but he has now resumed his show career. Two week ends away at Lanark,(the broken spring show!) he won his class under Kevin Arrowsmith and on Sunday, his following show, he was 2nd in a big Toy variety minor puppy class, judged by David Guy (Donzeata). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for future shows.

Monday, 14 June 2010

A Good Weekend.

The photograph was taken by my young friend with the pug, Jasper, Ria Johnston.
This is Swallow in the line-up for Best in Show at Dundee Open Show on Saturday, after winning Best of Breed then the Toy Group. She didn't win, the winner being a beautiful, huge, glossy, black Newfoundland. The papillons were judged by Mrs Jacqueline Hill and the Toy Group by Miss Hazel Barr.
On Sunday we made the short journey to Perth for the St Andrews and Cupar Open Show where Toys were judged this time by Mr David Guy.
Swallow again went Best of Breed and then won 3rd place in the Group.
Just as I was finishing off a very pleasant day having a cup of tea with friends I had a phone call from hubby telling me to come home and try out the "new" cooker as he had had it fitted and connected. Wow, I was really going to rush home for that! However he finished off by saying, "..and go into the village and buy me a packet of fags on the way home"...(the real reason for the call!) I then had an even longer chat with some more friends.
P.S. The unmarked cooker is looking good, it works, even the clock, and I'll swear the porridge this morning tasted better than ever!
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Friday, 11 June 2010

Wheels again.

We collected Bluebell, the car, from "hospital" last night and she is firing on all cylinders and running smoothly, well as smooth as our roads will allow! Apparently the spring, which had broken, had shredded the tyre, burst the wheel arch lining and broken a bearing above.
Billy, my son, very kindly, had it repaired AND fitted new brake discs...........all without costing us a penny!
While we were there he gave us an electric cooker which was surplus to requirements of one of his friends, as he had noticed that there were a couple of cracks in the ceramic top of my own at Abernethy..."a death trap" was how one of my friends put it! Good old Billy, he always seems to know someone who is ridding themselves of perfectly good items. I don't mind using second hand stuff as long as the condition is reasonable. I did ask if he happened to have to hand a decent stainless steel sink with a left hand drainer and good size bowl! "Don't push it" was the answer.
So you see, everything comes to those who wait....maybe even the sink in a week or two.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Farewell to Alex.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a friend and fellow papillon exhibitor, not something I ever expect to do when the person is quite some years my junior. Alex was a hardworking self employed painter and decorator, usually working 6 or 7 days a week. His main hobby, as he really didn't have much time to spend on hobbies, was his papillon dogs and the occasional shows, few and far between, (unlike many of us!) and usually very local although he did manage the rare farther afield championship show, travelling with us on the coach.

He had felt increasingly unwell for almost a year, although he said nothing to anyone, except maybe a rare grumble. After being in denial for all this time he could no longer hide it from his family and he was persuaded to visit the doctor. Very soon after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and although he endured a few doses of chemotherapy he was so very weak that it was decided to stop the treatment. Some of my friends visited him in hospital and were very upset at the sight of him, formerly a stocky, shortish man, now sickly pale and wizened and small. He was allowed home but only survived an afternoon and night. Despite his terrible condition he remained relatively jocular till the end. There is a lesson in this for all of us. Do not leave things until it is too late.

I shall remember Alex as a perpetually hungry, jovial man with a mischievous sense of humour, kind with a very pleasant nature and a great love of the papillon. We will all miss him.

For a few tales of journeying with Alex look here.

Monday, 7 June 2010

An eventful day!

Yesterday the journey to the show , just under 70 miles away, was the same as normal, a bit murky and drizzly going up over the moors with the sun ALMOST breaking through as I neared Lanark. The show was pleasant with a fairly good entry although there were a few absentees and Roley and Mo won their classes, Swallow had a 4th place and Spencer came 2nd in a class of 17 veterans (for which we won £4, promptly spent in the cafe). I left the showground for home about 3.30pm--home in time for tea...........huh!!! It was all downhill from there on.
About a mile down the road I ran through a pot hole (legacy of the terrible winter) and there was an ominous thud and crack. I drove on for a bit but realised something was up. I got out and peered under the car not knowing what I was looking for but thinking, "There's not much room between the wheel arch and the tyre." However I drove off again but now the noise from the front was louder and the smell of burning filled the car and a trail of blue smoke followed me. I realised that the tyre had now burst and I managed to grind up on to the very low pavement.
I have breakdown cover, from my Civil Service work days so unearthed the little plastic card with all the details and phoned the number thereon....(mobile phones are such a blessing!) only to be given a recorded message which said the office was closed, gave the office hours, which, of course, did NOT include Sundays and told me to refer to the website for "out of hours service! Oh, silly me, I forgot to take my laptop to the dog show! Then followed a call to a daughter in Musselburgh who had to phone me back with another number to ring. Thankfully I did get through to rescue this time.
An hour later the breakdown truck arrived. My rescuer promptly announced that a spring had been broken and the loose bits had torn and punctured the tyre. He had thought it was merely a wheel change and was on his way to another job. However he arranged for another truck to pick us up, meanwhile wound my car, plus the 5 dogs and all paraphernalia up on to the back of the truck and then deposited us back in a supermarket carpark. Thankfully there was a cafe and toilet and I also took the dogs out to "stretch their legs." The replacement truck arrived after half an hour and through intervening phonecalls it was arranged to take us to my son's workshop at a farm in Midlothian, south of Edinburgh. The post code was tapped into the sat. nav. and off we set. That damn sat. nav.! It took us, maybe by the shortest route across country on a map but by no means the quickest. Two hours later we reached our destination after lurching in every direction on little back roads. "Poor dogs", I thought, "they'll all be sick."
Just my luck, when I slithered out of the high cab, I landed in fairly deep mud, as it had rained there most of the afternoon. The mud squelched into the openwork of my light dog showing shoes! We were offloaded, the dogs had a short run in the mire and then we loaded up into my son's car, which he was loaning me till my own was repaired, and an hour and a half later we were home....9.15pm........... just another incident filled dog showing Sunday!

Friday, 4 June 2010


It is not live. I cannot keep up this deceit. It probably originated in some far eastern country and travelled via Poundstretcher then the raffle table at a dog show. I am talking, of course, about that huge, colourful butterfly complete with little magnet. There, that's got that off my chest. Sorry if anybody was fooled....or were you playing me at my own game and just kidding me along?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Veteran Spencer's Trophy.

This is the trophy presented to Spencer and me after he won Best Veteran in Show at The Scottish Papillon Club Championship Show recently. It was gifted by the judge, Liz Anderson (Northlyte) and is a "slice" of agate decorated with a papillon and butterflies. Thank you, Liz. It is most unusual and I have nothing like it in my collection of ornaments.
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