Monday, 15 November 2010

The upgraded path on a frosty day.

For over a week now the path, a few yards from our front door, has been cordoned off and a notice displayed (quickly uprooted by the local hoodlums) stating it was to be improved, making it much less muddy in places, and would be closed off while workmen were there. It was a bit inconvenient for me as this is my route to whichever walk I would be taking. However, it has all been worthwhile with much better underfoot conditions and hopefully will bring to an end my sliding all my length on my back on the really steep parts. I must have proved, several times, that I do not have brittle bones! On the downside (excuse the pun), on a purely selfish note, it will probably prove to be a Mecca for the young village off-road bikers, with its steep braes and corners.

There used to be a really muddy dip here.

The "new" path stops at the approach to the far side of the little bridge over the little rapids/waterfall.

The burn above the bridge.

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Bill /B said...

I envy your walks & the scenary it's easy to see why you take so many photo's & the dogs enjoy the walks as well