Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's called "using your ears"!

This is one real mean llama.

....and now he's a real handsome chappie again.
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Saturday, 30 May 2009

The journey home from the show in Lossiemouth.

It was another early start for the journey north to the Banff, Moray & Nairn Open Show held in Lossiemouth on the Moray coast. Again the weather was beautiful, the SECOND day running(!) but, of course we were showing inside a sports hall.
George, Mo and Swallow came home with 1sts, Swallow also going Best of Breed and Toy Group 2, and Spencer came 3rd in the over 10 years,any variety veteran.
The journey home through Moray, Strathspey and finally Perthshire was spectacular in the sunshine. Below are a few of the photos I took on the journey south.
The lighthouse at Covesea, just outside Lossiemouth.
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Looking down over fertile Moray.

The inhospitable Dava moor with its isolated crofts.

Can you see the wild Highlanders with their claymores, charging across the heather?

Grantown on Spey Square-very genteel looking and a favourite with tourists.
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Beautiful Strathspey with Cairngorms as backdrop, still with patches of snow.

Ruthven Barracks near Kingussie, close to the River Spey. I can see the Redcoats marching around.

A Highland Cow.
In yon bog there staun's a coo,
If it's no awa'
It'll be there noo!
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Friday, 29 May 2009

Newburgh (Fife)

It has been a most glorious day here and in most parts of Scotland today as it was one day last week when I took these see, in Scotland we tend to remember the good days!
That particular evening it was warm enough to go about without a cardigan! But we did suffer. I have been scratching the midge bites ever since.

This is the view we get as we enter Newburgh, the neighbouring small town 3 miles east of Abernethy. The Tay Bridges can be seen joining Fife to Dundee.

A view from the river looking up at the town.
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The reed beds in the River Tay can be seen quite clearly to the north side of the town. These reeds were used at one time for thatching roofs and the area was known for them far and wide.

It was evidently low tide as this little craft lay on the mud.

Another view down river towards the Tay Bridge and Dundee.
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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Somewhere in Perthshire, Scotland.

So this is where every family sends theirs!
I've done a little bit of research and I think these are Soay sheep, an ancient, primitive breed, descended from feral sheep of unknown origin on Soay,one of the islands surrounding St. Kilda in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. They are notoriously difficult to herd.
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Skywatch Friday (I'm early!)

The sun goes down near The Twelve Apostles beside the Great Ocean Road in the State of Victoria, Australia.
More sky photographs from around the world can be seen at

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My favourite garden position.

Alternative use for the garden table.

Swallow looks at the flowers.

The nearby bar is always busy.
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Monday, 25 May 2009

My little brother is an angel!

All is not what it may seem. The Ladybird hides a folded up pair of wings under its carapace and the slug actually has the vestige of a shell inside that splodgy body.--(believe me, I remember that much from my Zoology lectures 'way back in the early 60s!) Which brings me to the following anecdote.
My younger brother was a scrawny little under 10 year old and had been prancing about in front of the bedroom mirror without his shirt. He turned his head round to view the reflection of his back and dissolved into tears. On questioning him he announced to mother that he was growing wings; he was a freak! He would always have to wear a roomy shirt to allow for their growth.
What he had seen were his shoulder blades sticking out!

The Ladybird.

The common Black Slug-complete with little horns out!
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Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Cycle Track and its Accessories

It's been a long time since I took the dogs to the nearby forest. Spencer is not too keen on the twigs that become entangled in his "undercarriage".
We more or less stumbled on this cycle track and followed it back to the car. It was late afternoon and we only met one couple out walking and not one cyclist.
I was intrigued by all the man-made as well as natural objects along the route. Why anyone in their right mind wants to cycle over such rough terrain, up and down impossible gradients and ride along narrow planks over water beats me. ....each to his own, I suppose.

Looking back down the track to where we started.

Obviously we are in deer territory.

Spencer and Tass enjoying the forest scents. Tina usually walks behind me.
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An extremely interesting tussock of grass for Spencer and Tass.

We arrive on a cycle route

The little log obstacles are fairly frequent along the way.
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Take your pick...bailey bridge or log ford.

Tass chose the logs.

Aaah-ha, so they stop to play, do they?
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Carefully(?) constructed route over a boggy part.

..followed closely by dipping down steeply into a hole!

..then through a narrow, dark avenue.
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How did this hay bale get here? There's not a field for miles.

.....and this washing machine!!???

A "dead" front section of a child's tricycle!
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