Saturday, 28 February 2009

Not quite what they seem.

pigs in the middle of Adelaide?

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A shepherd, his dog and his sheep

too much to drink?

the rare blue flying dragon appeared in the kitchen one evening

take the tiger by the horns!
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Whale, would you believe this is diving into the fountain?

This seal is going nowhere.

Posted by Picasa...nor are these penguins!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Some of the animals and birds we saw.

We were never lucky enough to see a koala in the wild but we did see wild kangaroos. The following photos were taken mainly in a couple of wild-life parks that we visited.

A kangaroo in action.

A Joey in his mother's pouch.

An Echidna, an ancient type of marsupial about the size of a hedgehog.

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The kookaburra, living free, but seen in the wildlife park.

The bandicoot, a small kangaroo-like creature, loved by many Australians but not by me--they're too rat like, comes for feeding. They just appear out of the bushes.

"3 little maids from school are we"

(species unknown to me)

Posted by Picasastone-eyed curlews.

A koala asleep, as he does for 21 hours out of the 24, due to the low

calorific value of his only food, eucalyptus leaves.

The pelican and this one loved an audience.

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What is he up to?

A Tasmanian Devil, but we never did see one. They are nocturnal and were probably asleep somewhere.

Me with a kangaroo.

Dingoes.Posted by Picasa

The friendly, noisy Rainbow Lorikeets, my favourites, in a wildlife park but flying free.

A stick insect landed on our dining table on the verandah, on the Gold Coast.

The best photo we could get of one of the host of huge bats which appeared at dusk
in the Gold Coast.
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A Tree Kangaroo

A Wombat, about small collie height.

Awake this time.
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feeding the kangaroos

Joey sticks his head out.

Whose foot is that between his ears?

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Crocodiles, thankfully in an enclosure.

Surprise, surprise, asleep again!

I almost stepped on this lizard.

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An Emu.

A Noisy Miner, but looks like a type of Mynah bird

at our friends' birdtable.

A Lorikeet at the same table.

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..and an Australian Magpie (looks like a kind of crow) also at the table.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


I love the way Scottish place names are intermingled with Aboriginal ones and those of many immigrant nations.
This Glenelg is the seafront and holiday suburb of Adelaide and is pretty upmarket with its superb beaches , fashionable shops, and a huge variety of cafes to suit all tastes. It also abounds in huge modern hotels and has a lovely marina which goes under the wonderful name of Patawalonga Lake!

Post Office, Glenelg.

Tramlines in Jetty Road, Glenelg.

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