Tuesday 26 February 2013

I'm Back!

Top.( left) Mo: ( right) Swallow.
Bottom (left) Maisie: (right) Jess.

I've had another addition to my four legged family since I last posted over a year and a half ago. Swallow was mated to a lovely little black and white papillon dog from the north of England and Jess was born, a singleton bitch puppy, and by emergency Caesarian section, last August. Mother, Swallow would have nothing to do with her, obviously preferring to be a career girl, and I had to help with the feeding. I did manage to get the pup to suckle but had to hold the bitch. I think she may have been frightened of this little squirming creature. Unfortunately it meant I had to be present at every feed, day AND night! However Jess was a game little thing and quickly took to solid feeding and never seemed to have any medical problems, except for a spell of constipation, and has grown into a feisty little creature.

Sunday 7 August 2011

The visit.

My daughter drove up the almost 500 miles from Bracknell in Berkshire on her own with the 3 children. Husband was far too busy with his lorry to take holidays.
I haven't seen these grandchildren for a whole year and how they had grown up! Little Megan, now 2 1/2 now chatters away non stop in an English accent and tears about, copying everything her older brother and sister do.
After a very busy week here they left this morning at 7.45 for the long drive home.
The photos were taken on the day they arrived.

Most children seem to love horses (and foals).

Little Megan offers her bunch of roadside grass and clover in an attempt to lure the ponies to the dykeside.

Jamie (7) and "Flora".

Charley (4)

Megan (2) enjoys climbing on the frame in the park.


Tuesday 26 July 2011

3 more Leeds photos.

Somehow I missed out 2 of these photos and the other WAS on the blog but mysteriously vanished. I probably pressed some button or other by mistake!

The judge, Ruth Johnston, points out the route to the first exhibitor of the day, Ann Richardson with her Minor Puppy dog, Amicae Shine on Belvane.

!st Novice dog--Lafford Ishall Fly to Farleysbane.

2nd in Open Dog--Ch. Rozamie Moulin Rouge.(Oops, sorry for the earlier mistake!)

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Leeds Championship Show 2011-Bitch photos.

Some of these classes are missing from the photos as I was either preparing my dogs or participating in these classes. Also I posted them in 2 lots and they should have started with the puppy classes!...Sorry.

Post Graduate bitch class

1st PGB--Powdermill Look Timelessly

2nd PGB--Beausher Coquelicot du Nord at Cantoverde.

Part of Limit bitch class.

Another part of Limit Bitch class.

Close inspection of Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken (the eventual winner, on the left) and Papplewick Paper Moon at Jeminai eventually placed 5th,by the judge.

2nd in the Limit bitch class and Reserve Bitch CC winner was Rozamie Fleur de Lys on the right.

Challenge for Best of Breed with Kazim Matador, Dog CC winner on the left and Bitch CC winner, Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken. Kazim Matador won Best of Breed. His first CC and BOB!This was the bitch's 3rd CC and she is now a champion, subject to KC confirmation.

Challenge for Best Puppy --Sarasha Hey Jude (dog) on left and the winner, Ablazzor Wild Child at Kirkchase.

The new champion, Pippa, on her owner's (Kathy Smith) knee at the end of judging.

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1st Minor Puppy bitch--Temelora Alicia.

1st to 3rd(from right to left) Minor Puppy bitch.

Still no face view of the winner!

Puppy Bitch class.

1-5 in Puppy bitch (from left to right, this time!)

1st Puppy bitch--Ablazzor Wild Child at Kirkchase.

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Leeds Championship Dog Show.

Again we were lucky with the weather. The sun shone, perhaps a bit too strongly for the dogs (and some people!) at times but wonderful to be able to sit outside without being wrapped up against a chilly wind. The bitch photos will follow but I was showing in a couple of classes so no photos of them, obviously.

Monday 25 July 2011

Judging of the Minor Puppy dog class.

Yearling Dog.

Part of Limit Dog class.

!st part of Open Dog class..

..and 2nd part of Open Dog class.

Winner of Open Dog--Eng. and Fin. Ch Siljans Ragge JR Connection at Tussalud. (Imp.)

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1st Minor Puppy dog and best dog puppy--Sarasha Hey Jude.

Puppy Dog--1st Ringlands Bracken at Blackpark: 2nd Flutterbye Sable Sensation (rt.)

Yearling Dog winner--Lafford Fly to Elfuago.


Post Graduate Dog winner--Wendwoods Heavenly Star.

2nd PG dog--Papplewick Pinball Wizard to Vlinder.

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Limit Dog winner, Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed--Kazim Matador.


..and again, on the move.

1st- Junior Dog and Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate - Gleniren Nikolia Mania Sunshoo.
(Apologies for earlier mistake)

..and on the move.

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Friday 22 July 2011

A sunny dog show at Kelso.

Sometimes the sun DOES shine in Scotland. This was one of those days when it shone throughout the country. The huge golfing umbrellas, always carried in the car, were needed today for shade. Sometimes we wish we could have a bit more of this weather then organising an outdoor event would be a bit easier. Most outdoor shows provide "wet weather" accommodation and not without good cause. Some shows press ahead with none but this can have a serious effect on the attendance at future shows if it turns out cold, wet and miserable! They could be lucky however, as was the case today with a show in Aberdeen.
This turned out to be a very good choice of show for me that day as Swallow (Meerwings The Swallow Tale by Pyatshaw, photo in the header) ended up by winning Reserve Best in Show. The winner was an English pointer.

Looking from the showfield across the river, hidden by the hedge, towards a hotel and the top part of Kelso abbey among the trees.

It was so hot that the dogs (and some people) had to have shade between classes. These fishing tents were very popular.

If only it were always like this!

Some of the papillon judging.

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