Tuesday, 21 December 2010

.This winter's must-have fashion accessories.

Side view

Unzipped and opened out

Front view when worn, giving a rather smart ankle appearance!

Is this the correct way to wear this item?
In the current British Ice Age, with no sign of the two feet of snow melting and paths and roadways inches thick in ice I have been sent a pair of gaiters, as worn by all serious hill walkers, so that I can venture outside--even to the top of the garden to feed the birds is a major undertaking, ploughing through the deep powdery snow. The wellies I have abandoned as they are really too short to venture "off-piste" and they are also very slippery on ice. My boots are best but the problem was trying to keep my jeans dry and waterproof trousers collected snow underneath up over my ankles. These gaiters are the answer but my problem was with how to fit them--did the opening go to the front of my leg or the back? I tried both ways but discovered I needed to be a contortionist to fasten the zip at the back so I've settled for the front position. Strangely enough I saw a rather smart lady, in the shopping centre in Perth, wearing a pair with the fastening at the back--must be a different model!
Tomorrow I might venture down into the den with Mo, who hasn't had a walk for what seems like weeks....can't wait to test-drive these things!
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Gail said...

Too much snow!!! I hope you have a melt soon but not a fast one or you'll be wearing swim fins.

jeek said...

How were the piccys taken? Did you manage yourself (the mind boggles at the contortions involved) or did Chic come to the rescue with his usual artistic flair?

Anonymous said...

Pics taken with unsteady left hand!..an element of luck was also involved.