Saturday, 4 December 2010

Self sufficiency?

After 2 nights of extremely low temperatures and still no way out (or rather, back in) for ordinary cars, to the top part of the village I decided to dig out my bread making machine from the attic and have a go at making our own loaves. Years ago I was told, "Best leave that to the experts" but that memory had faded and I set about retrieving all the bits and bobs that go with this modern contraption, one of which was the slim manual which came with it. My enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when I discovered that my store cupboard lacked some essential ingredients for even a plain loaf. Yesterday I had acquired the "strong" flour but my dried yeast was several years out of date (should I pretend I didn't see "b.b.-05:03?)
I slithered my way down to the village shop but was unsurprised to find they didn't stock the yeast or dried skim milk powder which the recipe required. I didn't want incorrect ingredients to be the cause of my (probably) yeasty tasting, sunken loaf!
Oh well, looks like we'll have to wait for Spring (or a sudden thaw) before we can savour this culinary delight.
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Gail said...

My aunt used hers every day!