Tuesday 26 February 2013

I'm Back!

Top.( left) Mo: ( right) Swallow.
Bottom (left) Maisie: (right) Jess.

I've had another addition to my four legged family since I last posted over a year and a half ago. Swallow was mated to a lovely little black and white papillon dog from the north of England and Jess was born, a singleton bitch puppy, and by emergency Caesarian section, last August. Mother, Swallow would have nothing to do with her, obviously preferring to be a career girl, and I had to help with the feeding. I did manage to get the pup to suckle but had to hold the bitch. I think she may have been frightened of this little squirming creature. Unfortunately it meant I had to be present at every feed, day AND night! However Jess was a game little thing and quickly took to solid feeding and never seemed to have any medical problems, except for a spell of constipation, and has grown into a feisty little creature.

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