Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mo and the weekend shows.

Mo (Pyatshaw Ravel) who had won Best of Breed at both shows at the weekend, Lothian in Edinburgh on Saturday and Lochaber at Fort William on Sunday. At Edinburgh he was 4th in the Toy Group, judged by Mrs J Barraclough but he won this group at Fort William where it was judged by Mr. Bert Easdon.

Sue Gray (Gennasus) took the photograph at Lochaber Show.

Here Mo is posing with Jasper (Pug), Sadie (German Shepherd) and Charlotte (Beagle).
Ben Nevis is in the background but although part of the mountain is seen clearly the top part is hidden by a persistent cloud...a not unusual occurrence for the Ben!
Again the photograph is by Sue Gray (Gennasus).Posted by Picasa


Mary said...

Super picture of Mo, Anne. He is certainly doing you proud these days.

Janie said...

Mo is beautiful. The group photo is great, too. Beautiful dogs and fantastic scenery.

Gennasus said...

I think we should have had either Benson the newfie or Walter the dane in that group shot, just to make it that bit more interesting!

Next year.

Susan at Stony River said...

What a fantastic group photo--now if only I could get my kids to do so well LOL. Mo's gorgeous: congratulations on a winning weekend!

Ria said...
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Pyatshaw said...

I don't remember deleting any comment!!!...a sign of age?