Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SUN, at last.

The puddly track--and the stubble fields are sodden also.

So it does exist! We've had one of the dreichest summers ever, with the last dry week being what seems like months ago. The long range forecast, back in spring, was for a bar-b-q summer...not unless you barbecued under a gazebo out in the garden with your wellies on and even then your gazebo would have been in dire danger of doing a "Mary Poppins" over the village rooftops! Strangely enough, some places farther north in Scotland have had a fairly decent spell.

Anyway, after another wet one yesterday, today has been brilliant, albeit with the feel of autumn in the air now.

All our usual dog walking routes are more or less water logged with the resulting mucky dogs.


Chris said...

You're not the only one who suffers with muddy Papillons Anne. Bryan has been drawn to water from the day we got him at 9weeks old, and Jarvis seems to attract twice as much mud as any other dog we have ever owned. It's a good job it brushes out easily. I love your picture. I think your summer has been worse than ours.

Gennasus said...

It was also sunny up here it always is! Says she, looking out at a large grey cloud. Never mind, it's bound to shift - heading your way, no doubt!

Pyatshaw said...

Sunny again at the moment...but will it last?.....what a pessimist , but then, who can blame me?