Saturday, 5 September 2009

My first car on my first longish trip after passing my driving test. My cousin and I had gone to Aberdeen, a distance of just over 100 miles and she had to help out driving on the way home as I had developed cramp in my accelerator leg! I have obviously overcome that as the years have gone by! This photo was taken on the infamous Cairn o' Mount road, near Banchory, one of the first roads to block after a snowfall.

This photo of the Forth Road Bridge under construction in early 1963 was taken from the ferry.

This little papillon, Lacey, belonging to one of my daughters was my introduction to the breed. She met with an unfortunate accident but was a real wee character. Her friend is Tam, our collie.Posted by Picasa

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Karen said...

That was a cool car--lots of snow on the road!