Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I remember the Sunday School Trip.

This old photo taken by me in the early '50s shows my mother on the right, my friend Isabel at the back with her mother wearing the light coloured coat and another woman with her two daughters and we were on the Sunday School summer trip, (or picnic) to the beach! From the outfits, it appears to have been pretty cold, with overcoats and scarf in evidence. Notice how, then, every self respecting woman wore a hat, even to the beach! They are huddled in the dunes between those big concrete blocks, put there to prevent the enemy landing on our beaches during the 2nd World War. There was probably a biting easterly wind blowing in from the North Sea as this was Leven beach in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland.
We used to look forward to the trip as we travelled by private hired double decker bus and we children would rush to bag an upstairs seat so that we could hang our streamers out of the windows and sing songs at the top of our voices.
When I think back, it was not that well organised as we were left to our own devices for the afternoon so I don't think there would have been much in the way of swimming or beach games on this particular trip. How did we put in the time? I do not remember!
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Gaelyn said...

I'll bet you kids had a great time on the double-decker. Everyone looks way over dressed to sunbath on the beach. You must have been the photographer?
Wonderful memory, story and photo of women.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We had so much fun riding on top of the double-decker buses when we went to London. I can just imagine how much fun a busload of kids would have had up there! What a great memory.

Janie said...

Interesting memories from the photo. Too bad the beach trip wasn't planned for a warmer day.

Evelyn Howard said...

That is such a cute photo - hats and coats at the beach :). THanks for sharing.

Sally in WA said...

It must have been great fun in the top of the double decker bus. From the sounds of it, the weather was very similar to our Washington coast weather where it doesn't seem to get very warm.

Thanks for sharing this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hi, looks like I am the first visitor to your blog from Norway :-)
Very nice blog, I love the dog pictures!
Have a nice day!