Monday, 5 October 2009

My World Tuesday--Balmerino Abbey.

This meme, My World Tuesday, where anyone, worldwide, can post an article and photographs of places of interest in their "world" has certainly made me look more closely at my particular area. Too often we tend to visit places of interest which are farther afield and overlook those on our doorstep. Such was the case with Balmerino Abbey, lying on the south side of the Tay estuary just a few miles east of my village of Abernethy. Driving there this afternoon I stopped to take some photos of the river and there was a plaque on the wall in the parking area at the side of the road telling me that William Wallace, one of our Scottish heroes,in 1298 had fought off the English marauders with the help of local men armed with farm tools, pitchforks and the like(!) at this spot, called learn something new everyday!

The village of Balmerino lies at the foot of the hill overlooking Dundee, over the river, and the ruins of the abbey are just at this entrance to the village. Not much is left now and what still stands is in a very fragile state with props and stays to support it and these parts are fenced off for safety. It was built in the 13th century on the instructions of Queen Emengarde, wife of William The Lion and mother of Alexander II, the site being chosen because of religious connections there and also the benign climate of the area.....(must have changed!). if you would like to read more of this interesting place look at this site.


Janie said...

How interesting that William Wallace fought there. The old abbey would be such a great place to explore and learn more about. I really like that twisted old tree photo, too.

Island Rambles Blog said...

I so love the greens and the info on Balmerino Abbey and the fact that you have so much history there...and all the pictures are lovely. It is nice to see into the window of your world. cheers.

Marja said...

You do live in a beautiful area and thanks for the infromation and pictures underneath I love ruins and miss sometimes the european history here in NZ. I enjoy the armchair travelling though which makes up for it. I started to look closer to my environment in general when I started Blogging Suddenly you see thngs you never see before. Great

Gennasus said...

How true, 'the grass is always greener' as they say. I must make more of an effort to look more closely at my bit of green.

Great photo of the Tay and I love the ancient tree too.