Friday, 20 November 2009

The Day of Reckoning.

To-morrow is THE day, the day for one of our prize possessions to be returned...the Best In Show Cup which Swallow won last year at the Dundee Canine Club Limit Show. We've had a full year to have it inscribed with her name and keep it clean, but, as usual...procrastination..(there's plenty time!) Over a week ago I took it to the engraver and he was quite pessimistic about having it ready on time as he had so much work in hand due to clubs presenting trophies at Christmas time. However he came up trumps and had it ready today for tomorrow's show. Never again will I give a puppy a long name as it cost me a small fortune due to the number of letters in her official name.

It's looking good now all polished up---all these antiques programmes keep telling us not to over-polish silver or brass--no chance of that here!

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Karen said...

Oh dear--but do you need to see to the engraving if you're the winner? That seems a bit hard! Your Swallow's certainly a beautiful and very sweet looking dog!