Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My annual trip south.

Windsor Castle.

Leafy Berkshire.

The entrance.....no......exit gate (NB the "No Entry" signs!) from Sandhurst Military Academy, viewed through the wet windscreen, as we stopped at traffic lights.
"Pyatshaw, Pyatshaw, where have you been?"
I've been to London to see the Queen"
Well not quite. I was visiting one of my daughters, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren who live in Bracknell in Berkshire and when paying a visit to Legoland we had a lovely view of Windsor Castle.
Legoland was largely closed for the season, all except for the pricey souvenir shops and a cinema showing short 4D children's films. We did, however, manage to see some of the figures, animals and objects made from the plastic blocks. Luckily, this and the car parking was free and it was fine wandering about the almost deserted tourist attraction.
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jeek said...

"Luckily, this and the car parking was free"
Glad to see your Scottish Presbyterian upbring shining through!

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures, sadly, it is probably as close I will get to the queen.

Pat said...

Berkshire is beautiful! I, too, prefer living in the country rather than the city.

We have a Legoland in San Diego, CA, though I haven't been there as it popped up after my sons were grown. It looks like fun for the wee ones.