Friday, 14 May 2010

This rather bleary photograph is of the Clydesdale and his owner who won 1st prize for harness and decorations at the Scottish Highland Show several years ago. (The photo was taken of the photo behind glass.) The old fella sold these decorations to my brother who had been looking for a set for several years. They were all carefully stored, packed in boxes and he said it had taken him five months to make them out of wire and wool and some dressmaking bits and bobs.

Some unadorned harness, the huge collar or "brechum" as we called it (I only ever heard the word and have never seen it written so spelling is dubious), and the haimes, which are fastened around it, are hanging. (Disregard the pink elephants flying up the wall!)

A front view if the cart saddle with the decorations placed in position for the photo.

A closer view of the saddle decorations.

These are only ever used for show purposes. We didn't ask what he'd paid for them, nor were we told. I wonder if his wife knows!!

My brother has always loved his heavy horses and was born too late to work them on the farm when young. Tractors were becoming more common then, but now he hopes to have the complete outfit, horse and harness, for demonstrations at local agricultural shows.

The eagerly awaited foal should have everything ready for him/her when the time comes.


Marian said...

I have a similar photo here of my great grandfather sometime in the late 1940s I think
He was from Strathearn but went and worked as a coachman to the Marquis of Ailsa at Culzean

Marian said...

That url didn't display properly.

Top row, 6 pics along