Sunday, 2 January 2011


Still the snow lingers in our area, although it has gone from other parts of the country. Here the daily temperature continues to hover around zero and the snow, which has sunk a bit, has now turned into what resembles icebergs, although most roads are now clear, and our back garden looks like an icefield. We dare not venture out for walks as the sloping paths here are a death trap for the elderly (viz. me) and the not so elderly alike. Where the snow was shovelled into piles it is now completely solid and will require a very good thaw to melt it. On the up-side, there has been no flooding!
I have been to no dog shows since November and will probably require retraining for next week end when there is a small one held locally!


Gail said...

Enjoy the time off, stay warm and stay safe.

Chris said...

We are also fed up with the ice and snow. We have had two separate weeks snow free since Nov.26th and were stuck on our hill top over Xmas and New Year. Yesterday it snowed again. It was lovely to meet you at Lossie show.