Monday, 10 January 2011

More, again!

These were the scenes that greeted us on Saturday morning. This is seriously not our normal winter---or is it? The snow that fell at the end of November is still with us, although most other parts of the country are clear and another 7 inches fell at the weekend. The frost has been continuous and it now seems almost warm if the temperature climbs to zero (centigrade). What it has proved, yet again, is that anything, weatherwise, can happen in Britain! It's an ill wind...etc as the price of plastic snow shovels and bags of rock salt have rocketed and now both commodities are scarce as hen's teeth in some parts. I refuse to pay £20+ for a piece of plastic and a wooden pole. Way back at the start of the snow they cost a fraction of this. Here Chic has managed to borrow a plastic shovel in the absence of its usual wielder!...and I don't remember him ever wearing gloves!
Today there has been a bit of a thaw so we'll keep our fingers crossed that things improve for the weekend when we hope to drive north of Aberdeen.
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Chris said...

I know what you mean about snow shovels etc. We couldn't even find one for love nor money anywhere. we are back to the ice rink senario here, could well start our own Cresta Run down the hill. Roll on spring