Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The thaw.

Saturday morning we left home about 6am heading for Inverurie, north west of Aberdeen. There was still plenty snow around in our area but a slight drizzle was falling. During the day the rain became heavier and the temperature rose a few degrees above zero C. The thaw was underway. When we reached home about 5pm we had had to drive through long, very flooded stretches of road, mainly approaching and in our village. Melt water was streaming off the hill and pouring across the road and when we reached the house we had a technicolour back garden once more...a welcome change from the 6 weeks of monochrome!
The photo, above, shows the normally,little burn that flows down through the den. It had turned into a raging, chocolate torrent, tearing up parts of the newly constructed paths. Locally there has been quite a bit of flooding with several rivers bursting their banks but still not quite on the scale of what is taking place in eastern Australia..........thank goodness!
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Gail said...

Beautiful in a savage way...stay on high ground.

Chris said...

Thank goodness the snow has gone but you don't need it to be replaced with flooding. Glad you are ok. The photo is great it really captures the strength of the burn.