Wednesday, 22 April 2009

First night of the new term.

Tonight little Nuri went to his first training session, at Cupar Ringcraft. He was relatively unfazed by the other dogs, being particularly drawn to a Chow pup and several Bassets, but he wasn't particularly keen to strut his stuff on the mat. On his third attempt he made a faltering walk round the triangle. Next week, after a bit more tuition in the run up to the classes I'm sure he'll do better.


Debbie said...

He is lovely Anne,

Hoping for great things for you both - he will be out at the same time as little "Arfur" so we can have some fun :-)

best wishes,


Mary said...

Bless his little cotton socks. He looks a real charmer.

Gennasus said...

Looking good, Nuri.

(My word verification is 'perte'. Fits little Nuri, I think).

Chris said...

What a little smasher