Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Help, murder, Polis!

At about 10.30 last night I was about to shut the dogs in their cages and feed them, as I usually do at bedtime, when a real fight broke out between 2 of my bitches, Tass and Holly. They do not like each other although they have no problem with any other dog (or pup) or person and the slightest nudge can now be the cause of a tussle. Jealousy is probably at the root of it all........typical females!!!
Having heard recently about such a fight in an acquaintance's kennels which resulted in a huge vet's bill I set about separating them. They were going at it hammer and tongs. I tried with my feet first of all but getting nowhere I grabbed one whereupon the other tried to reinforce her grip.........only she got ME....I shook and shouted and they parted but by this time there was blood all over the kitchen, not from the dogs, they were apparently unmarked, but from my fingers of my right hand. I ran it under the cold tap for a few minutes but it hurt like h***! Chic was in bed, and he would not have been exactly sympathetic in the circumstances. I found the "medical box" with the non adherent dressing, the tea tree antiseptic lotion and the micropore tape--but of course, there was only a length of about 3 inches of tape left and have you ever tried to use scissors (for the dressing) with your left hand, when you are right handed? With blood still dripping copiously I fixed a large wad of cotton wool around the dressing and used the short bit of tape to hold it in place. The procedure was completed by stuffing finger and its "dressing" into an Xlarge fingerstool and tying it in place with my teeth and left hand.
The dogs were boxed and fed, with finger sticking out like a "sore thumb"(!) and the cleaning up began. I would not like to see a room after a murder had been committed. As well as on the floor there was blood on the worktops, the backdoor and the surrounding paintwork. This morning I even found blood spots on the microwave and this afternoon I washed a large bloodstain from my shoe!
The bleeding appears to have stopped fairly quickly and it doesn't hurt much so I reckon I'll pull through. I've discarded the fingerstool and we're now down to a plaster. I did check up on my tetanus jabs and my last one was in 1991, so......


Mary said...

Gee whizz, you certainly have been in the wars. I hope it all heals quickly and with no further problems. These wee dogs certainly have sharp teeth, and even an accidental nip when playing with them can hurt like blazes, but thank goodness so far I've never had a good old-fashioned real "mean to do it" bite.

Injury or no, I'm glad you can still manage to type and relate the story to all your eager readers!

Thomgib said...

I can see the headlines now!

"Husband sleeps while savaged wife fights for life in kitchen"

He was later quoted as saying:

"It's not my fault, I was tired, I was sharpening toasting forks all day".

Thomgib said...

Tetanus jab in 1991?! Crivens! I was still at junior school!

The Gray Family said...

Oh dear poor you.

As for the murder scene - the last time Ky and Sam had a fight Ky got a ripped ear and caught the blood vessel.
Well he kept shaking his head all round the house til I ecventually got hold of him. I ran out the door to the vet so quickly that I didn't notice the big smear that ended up on the outside of the front door and blood down the steps.
Goodness knows what the postie thought as he came before i got back from vets.
All was OK though - just was finding blood for a week after (5ft up the walls)

Pyatshaw said...

I know what you mean about finding bloodstains later on.
Hope everything is now healing well in the Gray Family "doghold"!

Debbie said...

You poor thing :-(

Hope that you are feeling a bit better now...


jrl said...

You know what I will say!!!

Pyatshaw said...

Not another one with the "pail of water" cure for dog fights!
a)I would have had to go to the top of the garden to the shed for a pail.
b)time taken to fill said pail.
By the time both(a) and (b) had been undertaken the two dogs would have had chunks out of each other.
Anyway, I didn't fancy having water seep under the edges of the vinyl flooring and I bet I would have slipped on the wet floor and ended up in hospital with a broken leg or the like!
PS I now have a big pail of water sitting on the worktop!

Mogs said...

God bless Chic! Oblivious to the attempted murder in the kitchen! Brooms are handy tools too as are slicker brushes/pin brushes. You can use them to fend off as they dont like being jabbed.
Spray elastiplast is always in my tool box it saves faffing about with plasters etc.Beware though, It Nips like fury!!!!