Friday, 10 April 2009

Holiday ideas.

I've just been watching Flog It, the programme where people take along their antiques, get a valuation and then the articles are put up for auction. One of the items today was a collection of Butlin badges from camps all over UK.(they sold for £100!) and this reminded me of the time my primary school friends and I decided we would like to go to Butlins for a weeks holiday in the summer. We would have great fun and it would be exciting to be away from parental supervision for a while. After all, all of us had been to Edinburgh on the train with our mothers and knew the ropes of rail travel, so we would manage the travelling bit ok. What should we pack?
Imagine my complete dismay when mother chapped this little scheme on the head right away. I had thought she would just ask when we were leaving and added insult to injury by saying we were far too young.
However, a few weeks later I hatched another scheme which no mother in her right mind could possibly stamp on. My brother had a little Welsh pony who had come complete with a little flat cart and all the harness and we used to play about the farm, carting all sorts of loads. We would go camping with this little outfit.So we made lists. They couldn't possibly refuse as we didn't intend travelling very far, possibly only into Fife, the neighbouring county. You've guessed?, that idea never came to fruition either. I gave my mother the silent treatment for quite some time over her attitude to my obvious flair for holidays for the adult 10 year old! She was so unfair and unadventurous!

It's a good job none of my four children ever had such preposterous ideas!

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Chris said...

What a lovely story. When I was a little girl I always wanted to go to boarding school, due mainly to reading Enid Blyton stories. I was'n't lucky enough to have a pony to play with even though I was horse mad, but my treat of the week was to hold the green grocer's pony outside my house, whilst the owner was inside having a cuppa with my Mum
I finally got a horse when I was fifty, it's never too late for a dream.