Monday, 22 June 2009

Border Union Championship Dog Show

Well, it was hot, perhaps a bit too hot for the dogs standing in the ring waiting to be judged, but I, for one, enjoyed it after all the indifferent and downright cold weather we've had recently. I think there may be quite a few pink faces and arms today!
One hope I have is that whoever decided to schedule the judging of Miniature Pinschers, with an entry of 38, in the same ring before 132 Papillons, has a re-think before next year's show, as we thought our Best of Breed wasn't going to make the Group judging..........but he did, and in some style as he came in as Group 1, under Miss V. Williams (Toydom). Papillons were judged by Mr Des Jenkins (Churrasco).
For the first time in quite some while, I came home with no prizecards for either Swallow or Mo. Oh well, there's Blackpool Champ. Show on Friday.........ever the optimist!
The full results with photos(in due course) can be seen at
I have included on this post, along with some general photographs, a random selection of some of the dogs competing.
We were so hungry on the way home, as we had eaten our lunch sandwiches at 8.30am and had survived the rest of the day on our flask of coffee and a small pack of shortbread, that we stopped for a "chippie" in Lauder. "Romeo", the owner, referred to Carole and I as"girls"...we're definitely calling in there again next year....Just one Cornetto etc. etc.................

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