Thursday, 11 June 2009

Holly's 3 pups.

Here we can almost see the 3 pups, minutes after the 3rd was born last night just after 7pm.

Holly (Meerwings Holly Blue at Pyatshaw) is an excellent mother and therefore extremely protective of her pups so not much chance of photographing the whole of the little bodies.

There are 2 dogs, 8oz.and 6 1/2oz, and 1 bitch, 7 1/2oz.

All are beautifully marked black and whites (but I have been known to get this bit wrong--as well as the sex sometimes!!!)

The sire is Mo (Pyatshaw Ravel)

The pups and Holly this morning, now all cleaned up after a lot of vigorous licking.
All 3 are feeding well, which is a bit of a relief after some previous, disastrous whelpings with another bitch.
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Mary said...

That's a lovely picture of contented motherhood, Anne. Glad they are all nicely marked and hope we will see at least one of them in the ring in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work, Holly!

Debbie said...

How lovely, cant wait to see them, hope that they do brilliantly for you.

Gennasus said...

So glad they are here safe and sound. I just can't believe the size! Are you sure Mo is the father, and not the collie down the road?!