Monday, 15 June 2009

Some things I find on dog walks.

I've searched through my reference books but, as yet, have been unable to identify this little butterfly (or is it a moth?). The photograph is not the clearest and it has been magnified but the wing patterns can be seen fairly clearly. Can anyone help?

To me, this close-up of the ripening pods on the rape crop signifies anger with the tangled mass of heads.

I had just re-leashed the 3 dogs on approaching the village when I came upon 2 baby rabbits sitting on the track. Luckily,the dogs hadn't spotted them but one shot off into the rape crop. However, this one was more curious. I don't think dogs and wildlife photography are a good mix!

I love these new green larch cones. They remind me of wax models, (or soap, funnily enough).
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Mary said...

I found one called the "Scorched Carpet Moth" which seemed quite like your photo, Anne was where I found it.

Abbeyton Papillons said...

Might also be a Silver-ground Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata see it here

Like having puzzles to do keeps the brain active. LOL