Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Which Butterfly?--now turns out to be a Moth!

A friend in Prestonpans, in East Lothian, sent me this photograph of this butterfly/moth. There were several of them flitting about among the grass. I think it may be a butterfly as the tips of the antennae are swollen but I have never seen anything like it nor have I been able to identify it. Could it be a visitor from the Continent as it is a bit exotic looking for a British insect?
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Addendum---It is indeed a Six-Spot Burnet Moth as suggested by Sue Gray (Gennasus). I have "googled" it and unusually, it states, for a moth , it has these swollen tips to its antennae and is one of only a few day-flying moths. It can be found in coastal areas in the Edinburgh region. The bright colours warn would be predators of its toxic content.
You learn something new everyday! Thank you, Sue.
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Gennasus said...

Looks like a Six-Spot Burnet moth to me. I don't think it's a visitor, I've seen them before.