Wednesday, 28 April 2010

10 bob or 50p

Prior to decimalisation in 1971 in UK we were used to paper notes but that all changed with the decimalisation of our currency and now we have (if we're lucky!) a heavy purseful of coins, which, on the plus side, do not wear away or become torn.
While rummaging in a drawer this morning I came across a wallet with four 10 shilling notes and for the benefit of younger viewers, as they say on the telly, it was written "10/-". I used to think 10/- was a lot of money. 50p is the equivalent nowadays and what will it buy?..................not much!
I remember being given a ten shilling note to take to school with me to buy a loaf of bread, as we'd, unusually, run out at home and the baker's van was not due for a few days. Mother didn't drive and she'd never ask father to do any shopping for household stuff. That's just how it was then.
Anyway, I had this note with me on my way to school in Perth and I intended buying the bread on the way back before I boarded the train for home. When I got into the shop I discovered I'd lost the money. I came out in a sweat! What would my mother say when I told her there was no change and no bread as I'd lost the cash? Could I run away to London or catch a plane to the Arctic or, may be better as it's warmer, Australia, she'd never find me there! I retraced my steps back up the pavement as I remembered going into another shop with my friend in the morning and buying a comic. To my great relief someone had handed the newsagent the ten shilling note I'd dropped on the floor. My faith in human nature was restored and I would never worry about anything ever again! Nothing could be any worse than losing 10/-!


Gail said...

What a wonderful story about honesty...that is as rare as paper money.

jeek said...

Believe me, not having your rear freehub for your mountain bike with an event approaching is much, much worse!!!!!