Thursday, 22 April 2010

Close Encounter With A Big Cat!

It happened today in broad daylight as I was returning home from a walk with four of the dogs. Mo spotted it just inside a garden gateway and, doing what dogs do with cats, he made to chase it but was restrained by his lead. Before I could say "Jack Robinson" it was at him and the other three dogs joined in the fray. No, it wasn't one of those "big cats", just a very tall, extremely long legged, striped, large, domestic tabby, only it didn't seem too domesticated. It set about my bunch in a very frenzied way, front legs flashing out and clawing and as I pulled them homeward it came after us with war on its mind. I tried shouting at it but to no avail, it still pursued us. To say I was mindful of our safety, my own included , would be an understatement. Luckily it gave up as we neared our house.
Tass was the only real casualty--it had clawed her nose.
From now on............Beware of Large Cats!


Mary said...

Hard to think that a domestic puss would go for not one, but several dogs like that. I wonder if it had had bad experiences with dogs either at home or somewhere in its past. Glad the damage wasn't worse. I'm always terrified for eyes with an event like that.

Gennasus said...

What, no photos?!