Saturday, 17 April 2010

Brasso-ed Off

I was quite happy when I set off on my shopping mission but ended up feeling like something out of the ark..(maybe I am but I don't like to think it!)
All I was looking for was a tin of know, the stuff you use to clean your brass ornaments. I have quite a few, most having come to me after the death of my mother who used to clean the brass once a month. This fell into abeyance once they came to live with me as I am not an avid polisher or cleaner. This morning, on a rare dusting spree, I noticed all the brass was looking just a tiny bit sad and feeling unusually energetic I set about collecting dusters and .........darn it, the Brasso was finished. As the village shop was shut I drove to the neighbouring village/small town. The little supermarket had none on the shelf. I asked the lady behind the till if they stocked it. "Oh, no, nothing like that," she said,raising her eyebrows and sucking in a sharp breath. What had I asked for...heroin??? I then tried two small general stores then the chemist, all to no avail, but, the chemist' s assistant told me to try the "Wee Bakery"!!
And that is where I found it............Well, blow me!


Abbeyton Papillons said...

Oh bring back the co op always had what you couldn't find anywhere else. Sounds like on of our butchers who sell all kinds of stuff as well.

jeek said...

Was it the brasso or the heroin you found in the bakery?

Pyatshaw said...

The small supermarket WAS the CO-OP!!