Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ne'er Cast A Cloot...

More signs of Spring in the garden and, at long last, today the local temperature has crept up to double figures (just). It felt so warm that I cast the vest aside for the season! Mind you I'm still not convinced that this warmer weather is here to stay, as my mother used to say, "We won't get warm weather till after the Links Market." This is a huge funfair which is held on the Promenade at Kirkcaldy in Fife, somewhere round about the third week in April and when I think back to my childhood and the annual pilgrimage there, we were always well wrapped up as the biting easterly winds were usually much in evidence. This is the major gathering of the funfair travelling people before they all go their separate ways for the summer season. I well remember having to trail my little brother with me when I went and was allowed some time, with my friend and my older brother, on our own. What did little brother do straight off?....He won a tiny goldfish in a small polythene bag with a carrying string which had to be carted around on all the rides, twirled around on the waltzer and down the helter skelter.........poor little thing (the goldfish) must have been terrified out of its wits!
We also loved the boxing booths where we watched these old looking punch drunk boxers with their cauliflower ears and swollen faces staggering around and we also loved to listen to the incessant chat of the barrowboys selling their wares from the back of their vans, holding the china cups up to the light bulb to let you see how fine it was. I was always a bit mystified by that. I still have a few saucers left from one such teaset which my father bought there.
And, do you know, it did seem to get warmer after that.........or so I remember!Posted by Picasa

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Marian said...

My father used to take us when we lived in Dalgety Bay. Burntisland too