Saturday, 16 October 2010

A chestnut lying hidden in the undergrowth under its parent tree.

Enlarge the photo to see large, ripe horse chestnuts, just waiting for a slight breeze to send them to the ground and burst open.

My collection in a crystal fruit bowl on the kitchen table! Does any small boy/girl want them?
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Anonymous said...

I know a little boy that would - just glad we are on the other side of the world

Gennasus said...

I can't resist them either, I love them when they are shiny and new. We'll have a game next time I'm cheating mind - baking or vinegar not allowed!!

Gail said...

Chestnuts I love, the burrs, not so much!

Pyatshaw said...

Gail, our horse chestnuts come from inside a fruit shell of very hard, sharp spines. I don't know if you are talking of the same type as these. We also have sweet chestnuts which have a burr-like outer shell.