Monday, 11 October 2010

A day at the ranch.

We heard from one of my brothers that there was to be a Clydesdale horse charity show on Saturday near Inchture, a village not far from Perth. There being no dog show that day for me we set off to have a look. It turned out to be held as a part of a Fun and Open Day at Teen Ranch, a place set up as if in the Wild West which caters for people, mainly youngsters I think (but not sure) interested in riding and pony trekking. I hadn't known of the existence of this place before then!

We paid our entrance money, were given a programme, and parked the car-where I promptly left the printed programme of events-and set off down the track to watch the Clydesdales. We didn't know, as I hadn't yet read the afore-mentioned programme, that there were lots of other things laid on for children..bouncy castle, face painting, archery, pony rides etc. and only later, once back home and reading the printed programme did we notice, along with the welcoming"Howdy!" this rather strange announcement....


(apologies, ferrets may not be able to come today)"...!!!!!

I, for one, was quite glad they had other things to do, but what a shame for all those wishing to play with a ferret!

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