Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Top left-the extensive stretch of beach, backed by dunes; top right-the cliffs below the town;

bottom left-the Sea Life Centre; bottom right- the small beach below the cliffs beside the Castle.

Some of the colleges of the university, which dates back to the mid fifteenth century.

Top left-one of the streets lined with old, stone town houses; top right- the archway at the port at the east end of the town; middle left- an old archway leading to a courtyard; middle right- the ruins of the cathedral; bottom left-the ruins of the Bishop's Castle; bottom right-detailed stone carving above the entrance to the Castle.

Top and bottom left- the golf course; top right- the well known view behind the last hole of the Old Course; bottom right-(click to enlarge to read the notice) part of the display in one of the many golf shops. I don't think we can afford to shop there.
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Gwendolyn L said...

What a wonderful place to visit and wander around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your photos.