Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Blacksmith (Farrier)

Under the spreading chestnut tree.....well, not quite, but out in the field,..the (village) smithy(s) stand(s) etc....
Yesterday turned out to be, once more, a beautiful day, and we went over to the farm where this was taking place.
The two blacksmiths, as we call the farriers, were very young! Am I getting VERY old?? This puts them in the same category as policemen, teachers and doctors, who all seemed to very staid elderly people when I was a teenager. The smith who came to attend to my pony's hooves was a gnarled old man!
The two Clydesdale mares were accompanied from the top of the hill by Audrey, an ex trekking Highland pony, reputed to be in her mid 30s and still looking fit, and a horde of inquisitive suckler cows and calves.

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