Saturday, 9 May 2009

Drookit Dugs wi' Weet Lugs!

Mo in drier times.

It did state on the schedule that there was no wet weather accommodation, but, with my usual optimism (well as far as dog showing is concerned), I set off this morning. It was heavy drizzle, being helped along by a strong gusty wind, when I packed all the gear, including a large umbrella, into the car but strangely enough it faired up a few miles down the road and the sun came out. The wind was still blowing erratically. I knew there was nothing to worry about.
The dogs had a walk round the park and judging of the Toys began. The rain started when the Cavaliers went into the ring, it drew breath when the Papillon puppies were being judged but got its second wind in the graduate class and let rip in the Open. The lady judge must have been frozen, as she peered out under the hood of her anorak. I have never worn a coat in the ring before but today it was de rigeur and I ended up sheltering under my huge umbrella as the judge did her final assessment. Papillons on the whole don't like the rain and today they looked really miserable with no lovely fringing blowing in the wind, only drookit locks! I didn't wait to see the Group judging.

George managed a fourth place in Puppy and Mo was given a rather soggy red rosette in the Open class. These were my only 2 entrants today.

Best of Breed was Kathy Smith's Wee Angus of Adinaken.

Tonight Swallow and I set off for the bus to take us overnight to the Birmingham National Championship Show. Luckily that will take place under cover.


jeek said...

You're as daft as us bikers, oot in a' that rain an' the likes!!

Chris said...

I would love to see some photos of your lot with "weet lugs" to compare with mine, ( I mean my dogs of course)