Sunday, 3 May 2009

The journey home from the North of Scotland Toydog Open show.

We had an enjoyable day at the show in Arbroath with Carole's Emma coming first in Open bitch, Spencer taking Best Vintage in Show, Swallow a third in Limit and Mo second in Open dog. We were chatting, as usual, and missed the road up to Carole's house, taking some other road instead which got us there by a rather unusual route. But it didn't matter. It was a beautiful day.
We were greeted at the house by Carole's husband, vacuuming out his van, which he uses to transport his Siberian Husky team. He was having a drink of tea, not out of a mug, which most folk would have taken outside, but out of a china cup and saucer (plus a spoon)! Of course, what else would a truly civilised country gent use?
The various ponies and donkeys in the field opposite the house are all suffering from some disability or other but seemed to be enjoying the seasonal sunshine.


Thomgib said...

I usually favour a cut crystal decanter of 10 year old French brandy and a quails egg sandwich when cleaning the motorcycle. China cups are so working class, don't you feel?

Pyatshaw said...

The cucumber sandwich was just out of sight!

Mary said...

John is obviously a man of discerning tastes! I wonder if he uses fish forks and knives when he has a fish supper?