Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's called "using your ears"!

This is one real mean llama.

....and now he's a real handsome chappie again.
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Gennasus said...

Great photos of that llama, a beast I have always had reservations about. Tom would love to tell you about a past encounter with a particularly mean specimen at an animal park in Germany. His story would have it that I abandoned a buggy, complete with toddler Ian, in front of said llama as it looked me in the eye whilst trying to relieve me of the small bag of animal feed I was carrying.

I would like it known, for the record, that there is no way I would have deserted Ian in such a manner. The buggy was empty at the time.

Thomgib said...

Ian still has llama related. Mother abandonment nightmares to this day