Saturday, 18 July 2009

Blast from the past.

When I posted the photograph of Benarty Hill on Thursday, little did I suspect what it would throw up. I "googled" Benarty to see if I could find anything of interest about the hill and I saw one of the sites headed "Benarty Hill Suit of Cards". Now I do remember playing as a child in woods, named after 3 of the 4 suits of cards, on the hill, so of course I took a closer look and was able to add a comment, almost 2 years after the first had been posted.

My brother found an old black/white photo he had taken with his little Kodak Brownie, showing the woods (they have long since been felled). It was duly scanned in and sent to me. Oh, the wonders of modern science!

Little did my father, on the tractor, think he would ever be appearing on the internet. He'd never heard of a computer, let alone the internet.

The money from the sale of the timber was used to start the dairy herd, which was his main source of income on the farm.

To visit the site click here.

Dad on his Fergie "sweeping" the hay into heaps before being built into ricks, in the early 1950s, with the Diamond (highest) and Spade on the hill in the background. This seems to be the only photo we have showing the trees and it has turned out quite historic!


Chris said...

How interesting, I love the old photo of your Dad.

Gail said...

All the ones gone before us would be amazed by the advances.