Monday, 27 July 2009

Leeds Championship Show - Part 2.

My own dogs, Nuri (Joneca Next Edition) and Swallow (Meerwings The Swallow Tale at Pyatshaw) were both placed VHC and Carole's Emma, (Meerwings A Butterfly Story) whom I was also showing, came 4th in the Open Bitch class so we didn't exactly shine at this show but neither did we return empty handed. There is always a big entry in the Papillon classes.
We started off showing outside but ended up showing bitches in a big marquee after a heavy shower of rain, whereupon it it stopped raining and stayed that way for the rest of the day.
It was lovely, after the show, to get back in daylight (just!) on the coach to Forth Road bridge, about 10pm, as Leeds is one of the closer English Champ. Shows.
I missed taking photos of some of the dog classes due to my preoccupation with the Red Kites and attempting to snap them!

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Gail said...

Fourth is better than last!