Monday, 6 July 2009

Bon Accord Kennel Association Open Show.

The forecast for days in the run up to Sunday's show was dire........very heavy frequent showers and a drop in temperature. I had decided not to go, after the disaster that was a previous show in Fife, earlier in the year, with, also, no wet weather accommodation.
As I drove into the park in Aberdeen the sun was shining strongly and it just seemed to become hotter as the day wore on. The front passenger seat of my car was stowed with clothing and footwear to cover every eventuality but I remained throughout the day wearing the suntop, trousers and sandals I had started out with!
The setting in Seaton Park in Aberdeen was lovely with its surrounding mature trees and well mown level grass.
My lot did pretty well but only Swallow managed a 1st, in the Papillon Open class, and Spencer won the Any Variety Toy Veteran.
I'm glad I was so decisive about resolving to stay at home if the forecast was bad!


Thomgib said...

Thank you for my curry ketchup.

Pyatshaw said...

You're welcome! Chic had hardly used it at all!