Monday, 27 July 2009

Leeds Champ. Show-Final Part.

This rather "modern art" looking photo was taken by me on the travelling coach as we neared our destination, The Forth Road Bridge, on the homeward journey. Due to the long exposure and the bumping in the coach , I got this effect!
It's an awful picture but I quite like it! It is actually a tallish, modern hotel, with a black glass exterior and bright blue florescent vertical lights on the corners.

Dog cages stacked in the coach. Not all were papillons.

Emma (top), under her little cotton duvet and Nuri, a first timer on a coach journey, fast asleep underneath, on the seat opposite me.
There follows some photos of some other Scottish dogs at the show.Posted by Picasa


Chris said...

I like your "modern art" photo, it looks as though it has just materialised a bit like a tardis

Gail said...

Best Photo By Accident, you get a blue ribbon!