Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Old Wartime Photos.

My parents', Tom and Jessie, wedding photo, in 1939. My mother made her "outfit", a tweed coat. There was never anything frivolous about mum. The coat would be very serviceable and hard wearing and should last her a long time. My aunt is wearing a pair of woollen Fairisle gloves-(for a wedding?) She told the story of how her sister, (mum), who had raised her, as their mother died young, made her a pair of flannel knickers for school wear. They were the most uncomfortable, itchy things she ever had to wear!

The bridesmaid was mum's sister, Bunty, who was to be working on the farm in the Land Army. These ladies have, just this year, been presented with medals in recognition of their war effort. My aunt died aged 88, shortly after receiving it.

After the short wedding service they had to rush home to do the milking. My father was punctilious about milking at the same times, morning and afternoon, every day! There was no honeymoon.

This is Landgirl Bunty Ross, with me and elder brother Ross, with a group of airmen who had come to see to the recovery of an aircraft which had had to ditch in the loch (Leven) beside the farm. Lucky devil...all those uniforms!!! Bunty had, as part of her uniform, a pair of breeches, which my father said I could wear as jodhpurs when I wanted, in later years (about 14!),
to try show jumping at the local agricultural show..don't your parents give you a red face!
Some of these airmen were friends for years after this.
For more reminiscences from others with old photos visit here.
I've been sitting up in the loft searching through lots of the old black and white photos and having a good laugh--don't they look old fashioned!!!

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Gennasus said...

Quite different from weddings today!

Sally in WA said...

Great photos and story to go along with it. Thanks for playing along this week! I enjoyed your post.