Friday, 11 December 2009


The bright, sunny, anticyclonic winter weather continued today and of course the dogs and my footwear remained relatively clean as the mud was pretty well frozen on the tracks to the north of the village. At this time of year the sun spans the sky for such a short distance that most of the day the village is in the shade and the frost lingers there but farther out in the valley the warmth from the sun could be felt and melted the hoar frost from the vegetation. The droplets of water quickly froze again on the tips of branches and grasses.

A strip of fog lay to the north above the rivers Earn and Tay.

When I turned for home a ribbon of fog had descended suddenly on the village. The road just vanished into the gloom. It was all very eerie looking. Then, almost as quickly as it had come, it evaporated and the village houses became clearer.
The bottom right photo shows the frost on our car windscreen.
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Janie said...

The village in the fog looks beautiful, but I'll bet it's very cold without the sun.

Chris said...

I enjoyed your selection of wintry photos. As you say when it's frosty the dogs stay cleaner, mine are the same. BTW I was talking to George, his Bichon friend and his new owners yesterday. What a happy little chap he is.

Gail said...

Wonderful winter wonderland.

Marian said...

At least it evaporated. If you'd been at your old house in Ednburgh you would have had fog all day Friday and all day Saturday.