Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I remember visiting William Wallace!

Please excuse the quality of this scanned slide, which was taken in 1964. I do not know what has caused all the lines on the scanned photograph. When I put away the scanner one day it had been working perfectly and now the results are as above. Maybe someone out there has the answer?
This is a photograph of a huge statue of the Scottish hero, William Wallace (aka Braveheart/ Mel Gibson!) and is found in a secluded part of a wood near Melrose in the Scottish Borders. We had to traipse down a muddy track to find it. These two people are my husband (then fiance) and his cousin who demonstrate the size of the monument.
I thought this might be apt to show W. Wallace just now as St. Andrews Day has just passed (30th November) and Scotland has been celebrating the Year of theHomecoming with all things Scottish.
Whether this statue is any better known now than in 1964 I do not know. I have never revisited!
Other people share their memories here.
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Chris said...

It's a shame about your scanner playing up but still worth seeing the photo of William Wallace. I would love to see it too.

Mary said...

That's a might big statue and a neat photo of your men on it! I used to belong to a church that was named St. Andrew's and the local Scottish group would wear kilts and bring their bagpipes and take part in the service when it was near St. Andrews Day...what fun!

Ruth said...

I didn't know about William Wallace. But he must have been a beloved hero, proportionate to the size of that enormous statue!

Sally in WA said...

Dang, but that is one huge monument. It would be interesting to know how it has fared over the years.

Janie said...

That's a huge statue. I suppose it indicates that he looms large in Scottish history.