Thursday, 3 December 2009

William Wallace--Part II.

These two photographs, taken in very recent years, were by my friend Jean Baxter (Crelak), who sent them to me on reading my post of yesterday. The Saltire Society has taken an interest in the statue and it is now signposted and the area tidied up with easier access, although still by foot only.

At primary school, in history lessons, we really only learned Scottish history and my great heroes were Sir William Wallace and Sir Robert The Bruce.

The Wallace, as he is known, was a giant of a man, standing at well over 6 feet tall, and must have been a formidable adversary on the battlefield. However, he was finally betrayed and taken south where he was hanged and his body dismembered and displayed on London Bridge. For more information on this great Scottish patriot look here. or here.

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Janie said...

The Gibson movie was quite memorable, and gave me my first glimpse into this part of Scottish history. Thanks for sharing the monument and information.