Thursday, 10 December 2009

My Skywatch Friday photo.

Beech twigs and empty nut shells against a bright blue sky on a rare sunny, but frosty day in Perthshire, Scotland.
There are lots more sky photos on the Skywatch site.
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J Bar said...

Good one.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K said...

Great shot! And, of course, I love your header shot of the puppies!

Have a great weekend!


Julie said...

Branches against a clear blue sky are always a winner in my eyes. This one even more so because of the shape of the empty seedpods. How do you know they are empty, by the way? Is the ground littered with rubbish. OUr sulphur-crested cockatoos do that too, toss the bits they can not use.

Lovely photograph to share with us for SWF.

Rune said...

ice shot :)

Misalyn said...

Lovely shot of clear blue sky as a background.Nature is sucha natural painter.

Nice one.

Gail said...

Blue skies are wonderful. How are your temps?

Pyatshaw said...

I know the nut shells are empty as almost every nut is open at the tip and also the ground is littered with the kernels.
It has not been particularly cold here with temps being slightly above average and, so far, very little frost but rainfall for Nov. was the highest on record---mud everywhere!

Janie said...

The bare branches look very pretty against that blue sky.