Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tass' pups (2008) revisited.

This photo of Wee Geoffie, now renamed Pepe, fell out of a Christmas Card from his owner, Eunice. It's hard to imagine that he was only one and a half ounces when he was born.

..and this photo of George, his litter brother, but MUCH bigger at two ounces(!) at birth, came several weeks ago from Sandra, his new owner. Here he is relaxing on Sandra's husband, Bill.
Both "boys" seem to have inherited their mother, Tass', lovely eyes, (although George must have been looking directly at the flash!).
I love to be kept up to date with any dogs I've sold and enjoy seeing their photos. Both these dogs have lovely homes.
Although Geoffie is not a big dog, George grew to over eleven inches and it just goes to prove that birthweight has no bearing on final size. It's all to do with your particular "recipe".
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