Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The snow in daylight.

The blanket of snow makes everywhere look just that little bit more make up for the inconvenience! Our village is pretty old with narrow streets built on a hill and so far we haven't seen a gritter. It wasn't so bad negotiating the downward route but coming up homeward was a trickier story, not helped by the parked cars at the narrowest part. We ventured out for some last minute shopping to Perth, only 6 miles away. I had managed to find my wellies which I haven't worn for at least 12 years and had to spring clean the dead insects and spider webs from the inside before donning them for the trip. I was a bit embarrassed to be seen wearing these, still embellished with "something" from our farm days when we found that Perth had very little snow.
Hard frost is forecast for tonight, with temperatures dropping to minus 16 degrees C...(might not be THAT cold here, but very frosty all the same) it's still looking good for a White Christmas.


Gail said...

Snow does cover the faults, much like love for someone does.

Mary said...

Merry Christmas to you both, Anne, and happy birthday too. Hope you all manage to keep warm in the big freeze.

eileeninmd said...

The snow does look pretty.Nut I agree it can be an inconvenience. We had 20 inches and now I am ready for it all to go away. I checked out your photos below your Charlie is a Cute dog.
Merry Christmas!